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ActiFolic RU58841 Powder

ActiFolic RU58841 Powder

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ActiFolic RU58841 Powder

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Active ingredients:

RU58841: Blocks DHT in the scalp. This way miniaturization proces stops and hair loss will decrease drastically. RU58841 is proven to be a superior substitute of Finasteride and Dutasteride, since it’s applied locally. This way hair loss will be stopped faster. Another benefit is that only a very small amount will go systemic, resulting in almost no side effects.

HPLC Test report:

RU58841 is a research chemical, it’s use is only intended for in vitro and laboratory experiments. Please read the terms and conditions before buying.

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5gr, 10gr, 15gr, 20gr

1 review for ActiFolic RU58841 Powder

  1. stefan

    It is working really well. I think 5% is a little bit too strong, so i made a 4% solution, having no side effects

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